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Best Selection and Prices on Tires in Nashville

Simpson’s Auto Repair is Nashville’s newest tire super shop!  With an unbeatable selection for commercial and individual tires, there is no need to look any further.  Did we mention we have the best prices in Nashville?  Try us.  


Simpson’s Auto Repair has the newest, state of the art technology in alignment and balancing.  Looking for a custom tire or high-end tires?  We got them.  Give us a call at 615-329-2282 or schedule an appointment today. 

Diagnostic Services

Not sure what the issue is? We can help.

Auto Diagnostics and Repair

What is that noise!?  We hear it everyday.  

Quit guessing and spending money on “this might fix it”!  At Simpson’s Auto Repair we have state of the art equipment to diagnose every problem you may have.  If we don’t know, we won’t make it up (but we rarely “don’t know”).  

Call us @ 615-329-2282 or schedule an appointment, we’d love to hear your noise.

How do we diagnose your issue?  

We’ll use our state of the art scanning tool to retrieve your cars data.  Your data will include codes, data and sensor information (good or bad).  With those codes we can verify your car is running optimally.  

With the initial tests we’ll be able to perform pinpoint testing, this involves working thru diagrams, performing tests (mechanical & electrical) as well as a visual inspection of problem areas.  From there we research “Technical Research Bulletins” to see if it is a known issue that effects a specific vehicle.  

With a full grasp of the issue, we’ll explain the issue to you and then you decide if you are ready to repair.  We’ll also pass on an estimate of cost and time to fix.  Once approved for repair our service technicians get to work.  Once repaired, we test and verify the repair. When we know all is good, you get the call, “You’re car is ready!”.

Auto Repair & Maintenance

Repair? Maintenance? Simpson's Auto Repair has you covered!

Brakes, Transmissions, Tires, Exhaust, Oil Changes, A/C Services, Emissions… you name it. Simpson’s Auto Repair is your complete auto center. Trusted and dependable for over 60 years.

Not all vehicles need repair but all vehicles do need maintenance.  Preventive maintenance is crucial to keep your car running at its best.  Forgetful?  No problem, use our account system to keep track of all work we’ve performed.  We can even setup alerts so you don’t forget.  Don’t let a missed oil change cost you thousands in repairs to your engine.  Call us @ 615-329-2282 or schedule an appointment today, we’ll make sure you’re car is in its best health.

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